Book Review: “Schooling at Home While Working at Home” by Misty Bailey

God works in mysterious ways. I know this, but sometimes I am still caught off guard by His ways. I am coming to the end of my schooling for my Bachelor’s degree. My husband and I both have talked about the fact that I will need to get a job, at least part time, so that we can start paying back school loans.

I have been praying about this quite a bit and I have had a few opportunities come across my path, but always left with the concern in the back of my mind of “How in the world will I ever be able to make this happen and keep my sanity?”

In walks God……….

I was looking around in one of the blogging groups on Facebook and came across a post from Misty Bailey. A homeschooling and work at home mom. She asked a few of us who were willing to write a review on her book titled “Schooling at Home, While Working at Home”. Did this just happen? Why, yes. Yes it did. I would like to say thank you to Misty for allowing me this opportunity.

Here is my review:

When I began reading the book, I found myself excited to learn and glean knowledge from someone who is possibly miles ahead of me on this journey of working at home and homeschooling. I saw similarities in our family life as in, we have been married for nearly the same amount of time and we both have the same amount of children. I greatly appreciate her honesty in this book. The book itself is a quick read, which is wonderful for me. It is packed with great information for someone who is just starting out thinking about working at home and homeschooling.

This book brings to light ideas that I would not have known about otherwise in regards to the opportunities that Misty does mention about ways to work at home. She discusses ways to make time to be a work at home mom, and makes valid points on how we all have the time, we just have to be committed and make the time. She does a wonderful job in laying out her family’s routine at staying on track with schooling, and also makes sure to let us know that we are all different and what works for her family might not work for you. The book makes valid points on how to maintain the household, while also helping fellow mothers learn to not sweat the small stuff. The book emphasizes the importance of marriage and ways to learn to invest in marriage. It has truth and honesty when it comes to challenges that a family can face when mom decides to be a work at home mom.

This book is a wonderful book for moms who are in the beginning stages of making a decision to be a work at home, homeschooling mom. I would recommend it to those who are thinking about working from home, and to those who have decided to embark on this journey, but not sure of what the next step should be.

You can visit Misty Bailey’s blog at

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